Thursday, 16 September 2010

mistake [thanks baldy]

black star decievers
engulf all
hell and the high road
done me wrong
no light nothing shining

oh but don't you see there is a path

prison chains come undone
and what is there but filth
god so many mistakes
killing me (hardly)
dishonest memory began
believed the lies you made

oh but don't you see there is a way

more power needed
unveil the truth
waited so long for some relief
and none came
not when i needed it
it was the hard road
i had to tread
you scare me
one and all

oh but don't you see, beyond the pain

each and everyone
can fail
the human affliction
someone once said
that it was what made us
but the one i want
has gone away
and i don't see him anymore

oh but don't you see? don't you see at all?

in this agony just rot i thought was mine self collapsed no one was there nothing was there
when i cried out then
no one saw
no one witness
it felt like
it was one

oh but don't you see? the night is beginning to come undone
you lived through it
you are still here
give yourself a moment
one of billions
a chance to breathe

keep it coming light
i am sick of this dark
keep it coming
my faith must grow

oh i think you're beginning to see...

so it didn't work out
time changes everything
you are gone
you are here
one second to the next
come on bring it

oh i see... we carry on...

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