Friday, 10 September 2010

exorcism 1

oh anarch abide now
a different soul wants you out:
harm, i just can't allow
no, no evil spitting from my mouth
have you damaged me
child saint's heart
a body hung on a tree
liberated through art
unclean spirit remove your hold
diminish as i understand good
my face will be mine only to mould
i know the sides beneath the hood
dark and light
peace and strife
mingled right
gives real life
not this fiction
you confuse me with
all this attrition
deep down hid
my words are clumsy yes
but at least they resist
a true voice beyond your hiss
of what i really consist
i see now growth
above your charm
won't be your host
against you i arm
bless us, all of us
some benign power
i think i suss
please in light shower -

reveal charity
hope tranquility
patience humility
love truly
help me overcome
bathe me in sun!
for better i strive to be
peace and joy i begin to see
amen! Edonai! amen!
i am but a true friend.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

i've been sent to pray over you

"Yea, We are Fallen
Like the mourning sun
We are waking up
Yea, We are Fallen
Like the mourning sun
It's just begun
This old world will pass away
This is the dawn of our new day
We didn’t fall from Heaven
We didn’t fall for you

- 'Mourning Sun' by Fields of the Nephilim

what is to come

I am an aspirant...
one day I will be an initiate...
I will know the truth
and I will know what to do with it.
I am not scared of the cross. I am not scared of the gun.

So... while ANARCH rages in the dark, and Galustian cries and sleeps in bed, and Petrossian busies himself with petty materialistic concerns, and tries to find love... Grey Dragon synthesises now...
And the great flag of my true nameless self slowly rises atop the funeral pyre of what once was.
As the bodies burn, I let them burn, they are the fuel, the light, I am made brave...
Elect? Soon I will be...
The symbol of my flag? The dual cross, the sun, the eye. Within the iris... the whole world, spinning on it's axis. White on a black background. Pale flame and harsh steel!
Mark my words... soon I will pass beyond just words! So limited!



Watch me, go on... watch me.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

the method of ROW




Iron will


[the truth will out
the truth from within]

Grey Dragon is a redeemer... Into the light... winged light... lead... nothing can stop us now...

objectives of ROW

collect and interpret esoteric knowledge from as many different cultural sources as possible

reveal, expose, and make freely available said information

express certain forgotten truths, mainly pertaining to ancient theology and hermetic philosophy, in an artistic format that is both mentally and sensually engaging

fiercely stand up for the rights of the individual.

"do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law".

[yes, ROW is an admirer of Thelema]

what is not meant to be written

the knowledge never committed to the page

"i was chased thrilled and altered"

not just one eye...

"please please the place we're in now"


horus... horus rising...

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

who is ANARCH?

The one who says "NO". The one who says "ENOUGH". The one who says "NEVER AGAIN". The one who says "FUCK YOU YOU FUCK FUCK YOU TO FUCKING HELL". The one who says "I will be the one to make you suffer for what you have done".


how to control people 1 {SIN}

"if you do a BAD THING then when you die you are going to spend an ETERNITY BURNING in NEVER-ENDING AGONY and there will be NO ESCAPE so don't do the BAD THING. instead, do what we tell you to do because WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU, you ignorant, tiny creature. then there will be no pain and everything will be okay. here, we will even provide you with a list of what it's okay to do and what it is very definitely not okay to do, so it's really simple, you don't even have to think about it, just follow the rules because THE FATE OF YOUR SOUL HANGS IN THE BALANCE AT EVERY MOMENT. Remember: if you do one of the bad things then you are going to burn and nothing will be able to help you. YOU WILL ONLY KNOW SUFFERING."

Location:none of your business

Sunday, 5 September 2010



Some words:

fuck chomp blergh hurt git tired chap gimp fat uninterested uninteresting bleached-out missing mistake unundoable shame blasphemy cold feelings dead passion faint jealousy bitch stealing cunt possession bleary evening pointless progression time never ending bored bored bored rat in a cage scraping away at rusty congealed blood scab cat squashed against window absence of interior absence in exterior cognition loss lost BORED dirty pig evisceration fuck procession of departures no new blood today only dry husk whispering shit nothings wank