Friday, 24 September 2010

see you around, anarch

so what does a young man do when his volatile psychotic alter-ego bites the dust? do i continue anarch's work? i don't really know. is there any point writing up my more normal mundane concerns?
well... the pressure has been turned down quite considerably. little seems urgent or pressing. just hazy thoughts mingling with a vague sense of pointlessness and disappointment... back to normal.

i know he's not actually dead, just gone away, but you know i miss him. you couldn't fuck with anarch because if you did he would hiss at you or shout some random stuff and most people find that quite frightening. he didn't really respect anyone and that's quite a hard thing to achieve... i go round caring about what everyone thinks of me. anarch didn't care so much. he wanted to eat people's faces.
i wasn't frightened of him though. he had a lot of energy and determination and i am sure if he wasn't so paranoid he would have done something quite impressive... i dunno. without him i just feel a bit bored and empty... he had a romantic side... just an extremely aggressive desperate and possessive one... at least he knew what he wanted. ah well anarch... i liked you at least. you kept thing's interesting. i'll hope to see you again one day when your a little more level headed. maybe we can truly combine forces? without you scaring all my friends and family? that would be nice.
well anyway...

bye bye anarch. cya.

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