Friday, 10 September 2010

exorcism 1

oh anarch abide now
a different soul wants you out:
harm, i just can't allow
no, no evil spitting from my mouth
have you damaged me
child saint's heart
a body hung on a tree
liberated through art
unclean spirit remove your hold
diminish as i understand good
my face will be mine only to mould
i know the sides beneath the hood
dark and light
peace and strife
mingled right
gives real life
not this fiction
you confuse me with
all this attrition
deep down hid
my words are clumsy yes
but at least they resist
a true voice beyond your hiss
of what i really consist
i see now growth
above your charm
won't be your host
against you i arm
bless us, all of us
some benign power
i think i suss
please in light shower -

reveal charity
hope tranquility
patience humility
love truly
help me overcome
bathe me in sun!
for better i strive to be
peace and joy i begin to see
amen! Edonai! amen!
i am but a true friend.

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