Wednesday, 1 September 2010

on the irrevocability of the dark

In the dead of night creeps the fear. Winding from the shadows...

O! Open up the wounds. No suture will hold the blood that begs to flow, clean, red and shining.

This darkness... It is no lie. It lives within. And whether it was placed there or always was anyway... Matters not any longer... I have come to find within... A ram's blazing heart, entwined about it, a golden snake. Gleaming White Eyes.

This burden I accept... it is my birthright. And I call on both The Purifier and The hidden Exile... For strength between the two paths. Yes I am of the third way, the new way. Implacable and grey... my choice is to be free... my quest is only for The Truth...
I accept the light. I love the dark.

I am the Grey Dragon.
The ignorant ones... If I cannot show them the twilight where light and dark combines... If they stand before me and block my paths... I will blow them out of the way.

Location:The Sanctum of the Iudex

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